Deer Gallery

Crushing it in velvet

While sitting in a blue lawn chair, on the edge of some hardwoods, I was sitting for Mississippi’s first velvet season. I watched several does and some small bucks/spikes. As I was fighting mosquitos, and […]

Hunting Gallery

Air mail

Not often you find a random mailbox in the middle of the woods. Took advantage of the opportunity.

Hunting Gallery

South Mississippi woodies

Early morning beaver ponds in Desoto National Forest can be great hunting for wood ducks, as well as other species. No specialized equipment needed.

Fishing Gallery

First fishing trip

The best memories of my childhood are with my Late Father on hunting & fishing trips. This picture is of my son Rhett Oliver with his first fish on the Ross Barnett Reservoir. The Mississippi […]

Deer Gallery

Not my wife’s buck! Anymore!

We got our first pictures of this buck at the beginning of the season in 2021 and at that time we decided this would be my fiancé then, my now wife’s buck to hunt! She […]

Deer Gallery

The one that got away

I’ve had this buck on camera for a couple of years, all night pics. I did have one opportunity last season, 2 weeks before the end of the year came, he came out following some […]