Deer Gallery

Emma’s first deer

Emma killed this nice buck and first deer on her third hunt. Her and I were sitting against a log on the ground and she shot him at 15 yards using my .20 gauge Remington […]

Fishing Gallery

Kayak bass

Fishing a small lake late afternoon on a Hi-Performance lures.

Hunting Gallery

First Duck Hunt

My 12 year old got a new set of waders for Christmas before his first timber hunt in January. First duck was a green head!

Hunting Gallery

Todd’s First Greenhead

Todd achieved his goal of killing his first greenhead and our hunting party was so glad to celebrate with him!

Deer Gallery

Amputee with a nice buck

As week for week goes by of watching him on camera, he finally decides to walk out, right before dark. Dropped him in his tracks with my 300 win mag!

Deer Gallery

Velvet bow buck

1st ever velvet bow hunt with a Matthews bow. One happy youth! The deer showed up on camera 3 days before season. It came out right before dark and the rest is history. Proud dad […]

Hunting Gallery


Twin oaks. Me and a buddy.