First bow buck

This year was my first year really getting into bow hunting, and I can definitely say there is nothing like it. Back in September, we were getting a lot of deer on camera, and they were on a pretty routine schedule. I had an eye on one of the bucks that was coming in.

The day before opening of bow season he came in at daylight, but the next day on Oct 1st I hunted the same area and never saw him. Needless to say, he didn’t show up for a while and I just kind of lost hope of killing him.

Fast forward to December, the rut was starting up and I knew I needed to be in the stand somewhere. Never did I think that the deer that hadn’t been on camera since early bow season would show back up. But, sure enough he did, and I was able to get a shot on him at 30 yards. I have hunted so hard to get my first deer with my bow, so there was no greater feeling to know that it payed off.