Would you like to be a part of the upcoming Mississippi Ag and Outdoor Expo in July 2023 at the Mississippi State Fairgrounds. Contact our show office for more information.

2023 Fall Expo - July 28-30, 2023
2 Cute Boutique
Booth(s): 140
Category: Gift for kids
4 Corner Properties
Booth(s): 175, 274
Category: Real Estate
4 Rivers Ranch Equipment
Booth(s): 193 & 400
Category: Agriculture
Adventures by Jamie
Booth(s): 190
Category: Travel
AG UP Equipment
Booth(s): 327-430
Category: Agriculture - Tractors
Aklys Defense
Booth(s): 461
Category: Hunting
All Gussied Up
Booth(s): 332
Category: Gifts
All Of Us Soups
Booth(s): 211, 213, 215
Category: Food
Allstate Insurance Company - Agent Ja'Mes D. Johnson
Booth(s): 344
Category: Insurance
AP Performance
Booth(s): 294, 467
Category: EMS Devices
Backwoods Grind Coffee Co.
Booth(s): 122
Category: Coffee
Beantown Bling Designs
Booth(s): 239
Category: Gifts
Beau LeMaire Art
Booth(s): 340
Category: ART
Ben Nelson Golf Carts
Booth(s): 300
Category: Agriculture - Golf Carts
Big Cedar Whitetails
Booth(s): 180, 182
Category: Hunting
Bourgeois Meat Market
Booth(s): 367, 369
Category: Food Jerky
Boy Scouts of America - Andrew Jackson Council
Booth(s): 184
Category: Scouting
Buttery Spell
Booth(s): 278
Category: Food - Butter
C.A.M.O. Ministeries
Booth(s): 110
Category: Hunting
Cajun Comfort Charters
Booth(s): 127, 129
Category: Fishing - Guide Service
Cajun Kooling
Category: Cooling System
Cajun Travels
Booth(s): 292
Category: Gfts
Central Mississippi Chevy Dealers
Booth(s): 287-494
Category: Chevy Trucks
Chattahooche Game Calls
Booth(s): 371
Category: Hunting
Chubby Rods
Booth(s): 131
Category: Fishing
Cole's Tractor & Power Sports
Booth(s): 339 - 446
Category: Agriculture
Compatible Concrete Coatings LLC
Booth(s): 334, 336
Category: Concrete coatings
Country Kettle Fudge
Booth(s): 114, 346
Category: Food - Fudge
Crooked Cut Outfitters
Booth(s): 237
Category: Hunting
Cutco Cutlery
Booth(s): 234, 236
Category: Knives
Cutter Cowhides
Booth(s): 241, 243
Category: Cowhide Products
Delta Wildlife
Booth(s): 276
Category: Hunting-Hog Awareness
Deviney Equipment
Booth(s): 200
Category: Agriculture
Dinkwe Safaris
Booth(s): 235
Category: Hunting
Eulalie Hunting Safaris
Booth(s): 359
Category: Hunting
EZ Kruiser
Booth(s): 375-482
Category: Golf Carts
Family Termite & Environmental Inc.
Booth(s): 320
Category: Termite Control
Fantastic Face Painting MS
Category: FacePainting
Farm Bureau of MS
Booth(s): Small table in hallway
Category: MS INS
Fireman John's BBQ
Booth(s): 450
Category: Food Sauce & Seasoning
Five Star Sausage
Booth(s): 181, 183
Category: Food Sausage
Freak Outdoors
Booth(s): 139, 141, 143, 145
Category: Apparel
Genuine MS Store
Booth(s): 117, 216
Category: Agriculture
German Roasted Nuts MS
Booth(s): 226
Category: Food - Nuts
Green Tec/Buckeye Farmers
Booth(s): 411, 413
Category: Agriculture
Herc Rental
Booth(s): 465
Category: Ag equip rental
Hi-Performance Lures
Booth(s): 245
Category: Fishing
Honestly Beef
Booth(s): 124
Category: Food - Beef Sticks
Humdinger Equipment LTD
Booth(s): 337, 436
Category: Agriculture
Hunt of a Lifetime
Booth(s): 171
Category: Hunting
Booth(s): 188
Category: Misc
ICON Industries
Booth(s): 137
Category: Knives
Booth(s): 314
Category: EMS Devices
Ivy Consulting Group
Booth(s): 485
Category: Emergency Training
James Knife Sharpening Service
Booth(s): Next to 134
Category: Knife Sharpening
JIT Sales Company
Booth(s): 466
Category: Hunting/Fishing
Just A Nazarene Leather
Booth(s): 169
Category: Leather Goods
Kentwood Co-op
Booth(s): 247
Category: Hunting
Key Constructors
Booth(s): 328
Category: Agriculture jobs
Booth(s): 357
Category: Hunting
King Kutter Inc
Booth(s): 353-454
Category: Agriculture
King Stand LLC
Booth(s): 458
Category: Hunting
LeafFilter North
Booth(s): 427
Category: Leaf Filters
Leaky Canoe Art Studio
Booth(s): 365
Category: Art - Fish
Lee Tractor
Booth(s): 473-481 + outside
Category: Agriculture - Tractors
Limb Beaver LLC
Booth(s): 435, 439
Category: Agriculture
Lions of Mississippi Sight Foundation
Booth(s): 192
Category: Hunt Fish Raffle
Little Touch of Dixie
Booth(s): 177, 179
Category: Cowhide/Indian Jewelry
Marsh Demon Lures
Booth(s): 147
Category: Fishing
MDAC Information
Booth(s): 115, 214
Category: Agriculture
Booth(s): 154, 156, 158, 162, 164
Category: Hunting/Fishing
Mike's Seasoning
Booth(s): 470
Category: Food Seasoning
Mississippi Beef Council
Booth(s): 195, & (by wall)
Category: Agriculture
Mississippi Dept. of Ag - Hogs
Booth(s): 111-212
Category: Agriculture - Hog
Mississippi Forestry Commission
Booth(s): 186
Category: Forestry
Mississippi Hunting Dog Association
Booth(s): 465
Category: Hunting
Mississippi Loggers Association
Booth(s): outside
Category: MS Loggers
Mississippi Museum of Natural Science
Booth(s): Kids Zone
Category: Kids/Science
Mississippi National Guard
Booth(s): 487, 489, 491
Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency
Booth(s): 483
Category: Organ Recovery
Monroe Tufline MFG
Booth(s): 333 - 434
Category: Agriculture
Morton Building Inc.
Category: Agriculture
MS Archery School
Category: Hunting - Archery
Booth(s): 217
Category: MDOT
MS Epoxy
Booth(s): 227, 229, 231
Category: Epoxy Product
MS State - Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion
Booth(s): 233
Category: Agriculture
Booth(s): 230
Category: Educational
MSU 4-H Environmental Science
Booth(s): Kids Zone / Hallway
Category: Art
Muddy Water Outdoors
Booth(s): 163, 165
Category: Fishing Apparel
Nixon Power Services
Booth(s): 167
Category: Generators
Ol Blue Tackle
Booth(s): 228
Category: Fishing
Osprey Scopes/RS Supplies & Optics LLC
Booth(s): 121, 123, 220, 222
Category: Hunting -Scopes
Outdoors At Last
Booth(s): 126, 128
Category: Hunting
Outlaw Deacon Outfiitter
Booth(s): 342
Category: Hunting/Fishing
Booth(s): 429
Category: Hunting/Fishing Fans
Patriot Customz
Booth(s): 459
Category: Peronalized Gifts
Pearl River Valley Water Supply District
Booth(s): 431, 433
Category: Agriculture
Pennington Seed
Booth(s): 351
Category: Hunting
Pro-Shooter LLC
Booth(s): 120
Category: Gel shooters
Red Alert Lures
Booth(s): 142
Category: Fishing
Red Neck Salsa
Booth(s): 132, 134
Category: Food - Salsa
Reel Kupp
Booth(s): 135
Category: Fishing
Rick's Pro Truck
Booth(s): 151 - 358
Category: Truck Accessories
Rocking Bar Knives
Category: Knives
Rugged Edge Blades
Booth(s): 310312
Category: knives
Running Creek Ranch Sporting Club & Resort
Booth(s): 363, 462
Category: Hunting
Sassy Sisters Clothing
Booth(s): 146
Category: Apparel M/W/C
Scramblers 2 dba the Flashlight People
Booth(s): 232
Category: Hunting/Fishing Flashlights
Shamrock Holsters
Booth(s): 238, 240
Category: Hunting
Show Me Bird
Booth(s): 338
Category: Hunting
Six Forks Capital LLC
Booth(s): 144
Category: Fishing
Smart Massage
Booth(s): 451
Category: Massage
SOCO Swings
Booth(s): 280, 282
Category: Swings
Southern Ag Credit
Booth(s): 194, 196
Category: Sponsor
Southern Comfort Metal Art
Booth(s): 415, 417
Category: Metal Art Pits
Southern Raised Outdoors
Booth(s): 318
Category: Apparel
Southern Style Traditions
Booth(s): 219, 221, 223
Category: Apparel
Stribling / Empire
Booth(s): 441-447
Category: Agriculture
Sweet Heat for Your Meat
Booth(s): 112
Category: Food Seasoning
Tannehill Industries
Booth(s): 244, 246
Category: Cooling System
Taylor Equipment
Booth(s): 100
Category: Agriculture
Texan Knives
Booth(s): 449
Category: Knives
Top Notch Lures
Booth(s): 133
Category: Fishing
Trax Plus
Booth(s): 275 - 382
Category: Agriculture - Tractors
Booth(s): 326
Category: Tool boxes
TT's Pepper Jellies
Booth(s): 242
Category: Food - Jellies
Tuff Shed Inc.
Booth(s): 419, 421
Category: Sheds
Twisted Pine Quail Farms LLC
Category: Food - Quail Eggs
United States Border Patrol
Booth(s): 453
Category: US Border Patrol
Van's Sporting Goods
Booth(s): 262 - 370
Category: Hunting/ fishing/ outdoor
Vantage South
Booth(s): 330
Category: Farming
Vincent Outfitters
Booth(s): 400 bulk indoor
Category: Hunting
Wipe Out Systems
Booth(s): 322
Category: Cleaning Product
Woods Equipment
Booth(s): 187 - 290
Category: Agriculture