Rosehill Buck

My husband and I had been watching this buck on the trail cameras and had a feeling he was coming to the food plot this particular day.

The wind was not my friend on this hunt. I was surrounded by does in my stand, but miraculously none of them blew my cover!

When my buck came out, I started shaking because he was the biggest I had ever seen. It took all I had to level my rifle straight enough to get the cross-hairs lined up for my shot.

Just as a I was about to pull the trigger a doe walked right in front of my shot and I thought it was over. Luckily she moved right along and I was able to shoot. My adrenaline was out of control.

It was the best feeling I have ever had, other than birthing my three girls of course!

He scored 138 and weighed almost 300 lbs. My husband had to call his friends to help us load him up. Usually he and I can do it, but this buck was BIG!