The Moment Everything Changed

For years I’ve only chased those green fish. All I knew was how to catch a bucket mouth. Jig in a lay down, pop in the early morning or late evening, cranking deep, or finessing for the tough bite. Nothing compared to a double digit hog. Hunting did not interest me in the least.

This buck changed everything. First time I saw him on family land, something changed inside me. I wanted to know everything. The do’s and the don’ts. Checking the trail camera only heightened my senses more. My brother in law did his best to prepare me, but I was never gonna be ready for buck fever.

My right foot shook like a leaf on a tree-moments before I took the shot. The shot was just the beginning. Ole Blue Healer Bonnie Gene, she tracked him as fast as her legs could carry her. My brother in law was genuinely excited for me. We embraced. He wasn’t going in any pick up but mine, and my daughter was more than ready to put the blood on my face later.

That blood will forever run deep. Love at first sight, one that will surely never fade. It’s left me with a fever I’ll never be able to shake.