She was just three weeks old when I found her at the local shelter, a terrified pup with a “Please take me home” plea in her eyes. As she grew, I realized she was a Catahoula Cur breed, and I began to see that she was quite a sports girl; she would dive into the lake and catch bream, bringing them to the shore. Also, when I released quail in the pasture behind my home, she caught most of them and dropped them on my patio, as if to say, “Here is your dinner.” She patrols my yard and garden regularly to make sure no squirrels or deer infringe on her territory. She will listen intently when you talk to her, as if to say, “I know what you are saying”… and I believe she does! And if a stranger enters my yard, she will immediately run up and lean on me as if to protect and direct me away from possible danger. She is my best friend, and I only wish every youngster could have a GYP.