42 pounder like too got away

We pulled up to one of my limb lines, and I said, “Carter, my limb line is gone.” “What?” he replied.

“My limb line is gone,” I repeated. “There it is. It was straight down,” I said. “Grab it.”

He did, and I grabbed the net and then the line. When I grabbed the line, the limb broke off in Carter’s hand. I was like, “Wow!” I pulled the line up. She curled up in a ball, and I dipped her up. I was standing there with this big fish, a flathead, in the net. I looked at Carter, who was in a daze, and I said, “Carter, help me get her in the boat.”

She was a big one, weighing 42 pounds. So now we call it the 42-pound hole. Boop boop.