Not my wife’s buck! Anymore!

We got our first pictures of this buck at the beginning of the season in 2021 and at that time we decided this would be my fiancé then, my now wife’s buck to hunt! She had hunted for several years but never had the chance at a buck of any size. Well, she hunted this buck all season of 2021 and never got the opportunity to see him.

Fast forward to the present. We got pictures of him again this year and he was even prettier that the year before!! It was time to hunt him again. Monday evening, I decided to slip into the stand a little earlier than I had been. The weather was already nasty and lightly raining with a prediction of heavier rain to come so I decided to beat that heavier rain. I made it into my blind and barely got settled good when I looked up and saw none other than that same buck we had been watching for two years now headed straight for me!

I whistled and hollered trying to get him to stop to give me a shot because he was headed strait for where the wind would be blowing my scent. I fired a shot through some brush hoping that by some miracle it would find its way through to this buck and wouldn’t you know it- I missed!

The buck continued heading in my direction not knowing where the shot came from. I knew he was headed to a spot I wouldn’t be able to get a shot from inside the blind so I jumped up and unzipped the back.

As I stepped out of the blind, he stopped broadside giving me a split second opportunity to take my shot and I took it. I was so excited to know this buck was headed home with us! I Facetimed my wife as I was walking up to him so she could see him up close with me! We couldn’t be more proud of this buck and the story that comes with him.