Bass Gallery

Lizzie’s Bulldog Bass

Elizabeth thinks she hooked this monster earlier in the month but it broke her line. After putting on stronger line and wearing her good luck shirt, here he is! 5 1/2 lbs!

Bass Gallery

Monster Bass

Caught this monster during our annual camping trip with my dad, brother, uncle, and a few of our military friends. Took me a long time to reel this one on!

Bass Gallery

Farm Pond Bass

On a lazy summer afternoon in Madison Co., Connor ripped a lip, and out came this stud. But he put him back…saying, “I’ll catch him again.”

Fishing Gallery

Pickwick Smallmouth

This was my personal best smallmouth weighing at 4.74 lbs, caught on the Tennessee river in Florence, AL. I was with my boyfriend, TJ Shands on vacation in September of 2022.